ENG Social event 2013

Stress seminar, Den gamle By og grill 19. august 2013


8:00 Departure from Foulum to Katrinebjerg
9:00 Coffee/tea and bread
9:10-9:30 General information by Thomas Toftegaard

Well being and stress handling (trivsel og stresshåndtering) by Bjarne Toftegaard, Head of Forebyg Stress www.forebygstress.dk

12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-16:00 Den Gamle By i Aarhus – ”The Old Town". www.dengamleby.dk/the-old-town/
Walk from Edison to The Old Town
Guided tours in teams of 20-25 persons
Sightseeing in The Old Town on your own
Coffee/tea, Danish buns and layer cake, ”boller og lagkage”
16:00-20:00 At Katrinebjerg
Walk from The Old Town to Edison
We will light the barbecue, put on Argentinian beef and sausages and enjoy a beer or softdrinks
Dinner at 18.00
Bus to Foulum at 20.00
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