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2017.12.18 | Staff

End of financial year 2017

We are yet again approaching a year end and in that context there are very few but important deadlines we would like you to comply with. Among other things, it is very important that the deadlines are respected in relation to requirements of documentation in the case of external funding.

2017.12.18 | Staff

Update your staff photo

Has the photo in your PURE profile kept up with the times? Or do you need a new business card? If so, the Photography Unit on Campus Aarhus can arrange a new portrait for you.

2017.12.18 | Staff

Stand for election as an occupational health and safety representative at AU

The senior management team and the occupational health and safety organisation at Aarhus University urge staff to stand for election as occupational health and safety representatives at the faculties and within the administration. The nomination period has just begun and will continue until 8 January 2018.

2017.12.18 | Staff

PowerPoints from ENG All Staff meeting

You can find the PowerPoint presentation from the ENG All Staff meeting on 14 December 2017 on SharePoint.

2017.12.18 | Staff

Department policy on well-being and stress management

You can find the department's policy on well-being and stress management on SharePoint.

2017.12.18 | Staff

Call for Marie Curie Masterclass

Science and Technology has decided to invite to a Marie Curie Masterclass again, with the intention to increase the success rate on applications for Marie Skłodowska-Curie - Individual Fellowships (post-doctoral fellowship).

2017.12.11 | Staff

Call for applications for business-related events

The Business Committee at ST has the opportunity to provide support for business-related events such as conferences, workshops and meetings to be held in 2018.

2017.12.11 | Staff

Information for international employees/guests on sideline activities

If you are a non-EU/EEA employee/guest, holding a residence and work permit to Aarhus University, and you are considering to act as external examiner, give lectures or engage in other sideline activities anywhere in Denmark, please read more.

2017.12.07 | Staff

Make way for the cleaners

The cleaners are faced by challenges every day that make it difficult for them to clean your office properly. Small measures can make their work easier – and make your environment cleaner.

2017.12.04 | Staff

IndFak is getting a new interface

IndFak gets a new interface on Tuesday the 5 December 2017.

2017.11.27 | Staff

Sapere Aude grant for research into the Internet of the future

The Internet is undergoing a degree of change that only a few can imagine. The flow of information is in explosive growth, and this places extreme demands on the way we compress and store data. Researchers are now getting started on the creation of completely new conditions for communication between humans and things in the network.

2017.11.24 | Staff

Minutes on SharePoint

You can find the minutes from the latest meetings in the PhD committee, health and safety committee, research committee and public sector consultancy committee on SharePoint.

2017.11.22 | Staff

The results of the university elections 2017

See the results of this year’s university elections in which members of academic staff could vote for representatives to the boards of studies and PhD committees. In addition, the students at AU could cast their votes for new student representatives on the AU Board, the academic councils and the boards of studies, while PhD students could elect…

2017.11.15 | Staff

Navitas: Defective bikes will be removed

Defective bikes parked at Navitas will be marked and removed after 1 December 2017.

2017.11.15 | Staff

Election to the occupational health and safety organisation at Aarhus University

It’s time to consider whether you want to become an occupational health and safety representative at AU. The nomination period is in December, and the election takes places in the beginning of 2018. Rector Brian Bech Nielsen encourages all employees to become involved in the election to the occupational health and safety organisation.

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