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2016.04.29 | Staff

Feedback on outline proposals

Professor Mogens Nielsen offers to read your outline proposal and give feedback with third party eyes between 9 and 20 May.

2016.04.28 | Staff

IT helpdesk closed on 6 May

The IT helpdesk at Navitas and at Katrinebjerg will be closed on Friday 6 May. You can contact the IT helpdesk at AU Campus and Foulum as usual.

2016.04.27 | Staff

DHL Relay Race 2016

The registration deadline for the DHL Relay Race 2016 is 4 May 2016.

2016.04.27 | Staff

Apply for funding for PhD and Master's courses

Members of the academic staff at NOVA member institutions can now apply for support for Nordic collaborative PhD and Master's courses for 2017 in the second round of the NOVA open call 2016. There is a good possibility for receiving funding. Application deadline: 3 May 2016.

2016.04.19 | Staff

New assistant professor in the Mechanical and Materials Engineering section

Keivan Ahmadi has joined the Department of Engineering on 1 April 2016. Kievan is employed as assistant professor part time with the department. He specialises in dynamics of machining including a number of topics in dynamic instabilities such as chatter in drilling.

2016.04.18 | Staff

Apple QuickTime is no longer updated

CSIS Security Group recommends all to uninstall QuickTime for Windows as soon as possible.

2016.04.18 | Staff

List of proposals submitted for the ST budget plan 2017-2019

The proposals have been read and considered in the work preparing Science and Technology’s contribution to the overall budget plan, according to Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen.

2016.04.15 | Staff

Repairing mobile phones

Use the IT support's agreement with Telenor for repairs that fall under the warranty, and iExpert for other repairs to your mobile phone.

2016.04.13 | Staff

New Professor in the Civil and Architectural Engineering section

Prof. Christos Georgakis has joined the Department of Engineering on 1 April 2016. Christos is employed as a full professor and will be heading our research group on monitoring of structures in the Civil and Architectural Engineering section.

2016.04.12 | Staff

Project applications for the Innovation Fund Denmark - Grand Solutions

Deadline for phase 1 applications is 2 May 2016. You have the opportunity to get feedback on your application from professor and former vice dean Mogens Nielsen and external consultant Hans Jørgen Pedersen. You must send the application to no later than by 19 April 2016.

René Damkjer

2016.04.08 | Staff

New Technology Program Chair at Department of Engineering

The Department of Engineering is pleased to welcome René Damkjer as Chair of our novel Advanced Agricultural Technology Program.

2016.04.06 | Staff

Do you read The Murmur?

In the future, you have to read the international paper The Murmur online as the department will no longer receive printed copies of the paper.

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