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2016.11.28 | Staff

Evacuations – what to do

All staff members have a responsibility to ensure that evacuations in the event of fire etc. are executed immediately and calmly. Read more about your responsibility in the event of an evacuation.

2016.11.25 | Staff

Year end 2016 - Economy

We are yet again approaching the end of a year and there are few but important deadlines we would like you to respect related to the economy. These include completing travel statements, accepting purchases in IndFak, etc.

2016.11.21 | Staff

Christmas cards for email

AU now has a Christmas card designed for email. If you would like to use the Christmas card, please contact

2016.11.21 | Staff

Internal mail will move to a new address

Internal mail will move to Trøjborgvej 82, building 1918 on 28 November. There won't be any changes in relation to delivering and picking up mail at the university's different addresses.

2016.11.15 | Staff

IT systems and IT services will be out of operation on 19 - 20 November

AU's IT systems and IT services will be put out of operation shortly in the weekend 19 - 20 November 2016.

2016.11.15 | Staff

BrainNovation Events

ST Business Committee has granted DKK 200,000 for the planning and implementation of thematised business-related events in 2016.

2016.11.10 | Staff

Honorary doctoral degree in natural sciences and technology

On behalf of the ST Academic Council, we hereby call for nominations for the honorary doctoral degree in natural sciences and technology.

2016.11.09 | Staff

Minutes on SharePoint

You can now find the minutes from the latest meeting in the public sector consultancy committee and from the liaison committee on SharePoint.

2016.11.07 | Staff

New design

The design of AU’s external website will change. The aim is to produce a more intuitive user experience for the university's primary target groups - i.e. future students, researchers from other universities, and business partners.

2016.11.07 | Staff

New norms for external examiners

The new norms for external examiners has entered into effect and been published on the External Examiner Portal. Click on the headline to go the new portal for external examiners.

2016.11.04 | Staff

Fake calls from Microsoft

Please beware of fake calls from Microsoft tricking you into installing malicious software. Remember, Microsoft will never proactively reach out to you to provide unsolicited PC or technical support. Any communication Microsoft has with you must be initiated by you.”

2016.11.03 | Staff

Policy for well-being and stress management

Following up on the department's workplace assessment, the Liaison committee would like to inform the department staff of the department's policy for well-being and stress management which can be found on SharePoint.

2016.11.03 | Staff

IT helpdesks closed

On Thursday 24 November, the IT helpdesk at Navitas, in Nygaard and Foulum will be closed. You can contact IT by phone this day.

PhD Student Behzad Zeinali (in the middle) has won the best paper award for his research in spintronic memories at the 34th IEEE International Conference on Computer Design.  Left: Head of Electronics and computer Engineering Jens Kargaard Madsen. Right: Associate Professor Farshad Moradi.

2016.11.02 | Staff

PhD student awarded for research in spintronic memories

PhD Student Behzad Zeinali has won the Best Paper Award at the 34th IEEE International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD 2016), which took place in October in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

2016.11.02 | Staff

Are you considering a Horizon 2020 project

and want advice on writing professional and competitive proposals? Sign up for the Horizon 2020 events before 30 November.

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