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2016.10.31 | Staff

The canteen at Navitas is closed on 2 November

The canteen at Navitas is closed all day on 2 November because of the Jobtræf event.

2016.10.27 | Staff

The wireless network AUWLAN is shut down

On 19 November 2016 AU IT, shut down the AUWLAN wireless network.

2016.10.27 | Staff

Apply for funding for competency development

Applications for funding for competency development activities in 2017 are now being taken. Send your application by 15 December 2016.

2016.10.25 | Staff

Build your network with Danes - Join Internationalize with Us!

Would you like to meet and get to know a Danish family? Make some Danish friends? Then sign up and join us at the start-up event on Thursday 3 November.

2016.10.19 | Staff

Siemensfonden: Applications for scholarships

Siemensfonden supports all types of projects within natural sciences and special focus will be given to applications within electro technical disciplines. The application deadline is 23 November 2016.

2016.10.18 | Staff

AUFF Starting Grants

The application deadline for AUFF Starting Grants is on 24 October 2016.

2016.10.10 | Staff

Canteen and café closed in week 42

The canteen at Navitas and the café in the Nygaard building are closed in week 42.

2016.10.06 | Staff

Minutes on SharePoint

You can find the minutes from the latest meeting in the Department Forum on SharePoint.

2016.10.05 | Staff

Course information in Blackboard

To ensure that students can find relevant information at their course’s Blackboard page, ST Learning Lab has compiled a list of minimum information that must be present on a bachelor or larger master course’s Blackboard page

2016.10.04 | Staff

Green smiley for ENG

The Danish Working Environment Authority visited ENG at Navitas on 28 September 2016. The result was a green smiley for an approved working environment.

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