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2017.05.23 | Staff

Update and replacement of computers at ST

With regard to IT security and to make the implementation of a single sign-on (SSO) solution easier, a considerable number of computers at Science and Technology (ST) will be reinstalled or replaced by the end of the year. ST is subsidising the purchase of new computers at its departments and centres to the tune of DKK 3,000 each.

2017.05.22 | PhD Students

NOVA PhD courses

AU ST is a member of the NOVA University network and it is therefore possible to sign up for NOVA PhD courses for free or at a reduced price.

2017.05.18 | Staff

AU Library Navitas is moving

In weeks 24 and 25, AU Library Navitas will move to AU Library Katrinebjerg. Read more about what this means for you.

2017.05.17 | Staff

Your Windows system may need to be updated

IT asks everyone with a Windows Vista, Windows XP or older version of Windows on either a personal machine or a lab machine to contact your local IT Support as soon as possible.

2017.05.15 | Staff

Minutes on SharePoint

You can find the minutes from the latest meeting in the public sector consultancy committee and the research committee on SharePoint.

2017.05.15 | Staff

The ransomware worm WanaCrypt0r is in circulation

During the last couple of days, the healthcare sector, for example, has experienced large-scale ransomware attacks as mentioned on the news. We therefore urge staff and students to exercise extra caution before opening files and links.

2017.05.10 | Staff

First LEGO League is held at Navitas from 25-28 May 2017

In connection to the First LEGO League event at Navitas, there will be limited access to the building from 25-28 May 2017.

2017.05.08 | Staff

IT helpdesk in Nygaard is moving on 10 May

The IT helpdesk in the Nygaard building will move to the Hopper building (5346), room 028/030 on 10 May. Therefore, the helpdesk will be closed on 10 May. The helpdesk will open again in Hopper on 11 May.

2017.05.05 | Staff

Lecturers wanted for the Danish Science Week 2017

When the Danish Science Week kicks off in September, skilled speakers are required for the Science pays a visit scheme, where you visit primary schools, upper secondary schools and libraries, etc. This call applies to both researchers and students.

2017.05.05 | Staff

New initiative will improve career options for junior researchers at AU

Junior researchers (assistant professors and postdocs) on standard and tenure track contracts can now look forward to more career development assistance. This autumn, AU is launching a variety of initiatives to provide better career opportunities to junior research staff both at and outside the university, including opportunities for more career…

2017.05.05 | Staff

IT maintenance work on the weekend of 20 – 21 May

IT maintenance work will affect AU’s IT systems and services and cause interruptions at different times during the weekend of 20 and 21 May 2017. The IT maintenance work will, for example, affect access to (Self-service) and Blackboard.

2017.05.05 | Staff

Are you planning AU Summer University courses?

One website now contains all information about AU Summer University including relevant information for departments (Aarhus BSS, HE and ST)/schools (Arts), AU lecturers as well as international guest lecturers.

2017.05.03 | Staff

IT maintenance work on the weekend of 6 and 7 May 2017

AU IT will carry out IT maintenance work from Saturday 6 May at 08:00 to Sunday 7 May at 08:00. The work is necessary in order to ensure a high level of operational stability and IT security for AU staff and students.

2017.05.02 | Staff

Booking cars in Foulum

From 1 June 2017, you must book Foulum cars through the Outlook calendar.

2017.05.01 | Staff

Annual AU Regatta

The engineering students participated in the annual AU Regatta in the University Park last week. Click on the heading to see the music video that they made for the event.

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