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2018.04.24 | Staff

Invitation to a general meeting about the plans for AU’s physical development

Read the full invitation to the general meeting to take place in the Main Hall on 2 May.

2018.04.13 | Staff

Road bumps in the parking area at Navitas

Occasionally, cars are driving too fast in the parking area at Navitas. Facility Management will install two road bumps in week 16 in order to slow the traffic, especially in front of the elevator.

2018.04.11 | Staff

Latest news from the world of engineering

Our new profile brochure has just been published. In the brochure, you can read all about the latest research in the field of engineering at Aarhus University, where we collaborate across national borders with industry and other research institutions to take technological developments to new heights.

2018.04.09 | Staff

Minutes on SharePoint

You can find the minutes from the latest meetings in the PhD committee, the liaison committee and the research committee on SharePoint.

2018.04.04 | Staff

Michal Budzik employed as associate professor

From 1 April 2018 Michal Budzik is employed as associate professor in the Mechanical Engineering section at the Department of Engineering.

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