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2018.06.28 | Staff

Minutes on SharePoint

You can find the minutes from the latest meetings in the liaison committee and department forum on SharePoint.

2018.06.26 | Staff

Call for proposals for synergistic projects at Science and Technology

Synergy packages will be allocated to research collaboration in each of the three areas: general synergistic activities, collaboration with the business sector and public sector consultancy. Deadline for application is 15 August 2018.

2018.06.25 | Staff

Restructuring of the access system at NAVITAS

The access system at NAVITAS will be changed in the coming weeks. This means that some staff and students may loose their access to NAVITAS. If this happens, you must contact Michael Therkildsen or Dennis Udengaard.

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2018.06.19 | Staff

Moving large amounts of the university’s data may lead to IT service interruptions

Due to a combination of hardware and software errors, very large amounts of data (300 TB) must be moved to new servers to avoid data loss. As a result, users of AU’s IT systems and services may experience IT service interruptions for a few weeks starting on Tuesday 19 June.

2018.06.07 | Staff

Focus on the industrial researcher scheme

As part of our efforts to strengthen links with the business community, Aarhus University is sharpening its focus on the Industrial Researcher scheme under Innovation Fund Denmark as an attractive option for both businesses and researchers.

2018.06.04 | Staff

What are your obligations in relation to the new law on personal data?

On 25 May 2018, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective. It is a good opportunity to refresh how to look after the personal data of our students, colleagues and others in everyday life.

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