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2018.09.10 | Staff

Minutes on SharePoint

You can find the minutes from the latest meeting in the Research committee and the Public Sector Consultancy committee on SharePoint.

2018.08.31 | Staff

AU Key Figures

AU Key Figures is a user-friendly reference which provides an overview of the most important key figures from 2017 and the preceding five years.

2018.08.24 | Staff

Minutes on SharePoint

You can find the minutes from the latest meeting in the PhD committee on SharePoint.

2018.08.24 | Staff

Limited IT during the weekend of 8 - 9 September

AU's IT systems and IT services will be subject to interruptions during the weekend of 8 and 9 September 2018.

2018.08.24 | Staff

The competency fund has been replaced by a new ‘national competency fund’

From now on, employees at Aarhus University should apply for funding for individual competency development from the new national competency fund (Den statslige kompetencefond), which has replaced the former competency fund and the fund for government workplaces. The framework for the allocation of funding is expected to be finalised this autumn.

2018.08.23 | Staff

You can still secure a place at Medical Innovation Day

Bring your most inventive students along on Friday October 5th, when innovative solutions to the healthcare challenges of the future are on the agenda.

2018.08.16 | Staff

Apply for publication support before 7 September

All AU employees can apply for publication support from the Aarhus University Research Foundation. The publications must contribute to disseminate research work and other work at Aarhus University.

2018.08.09 | Staff

Updating of access system at Navitas

On Monday 13 August from 7:00-15:00, the access system at Navitas will be updated. This may cause minor irregularities.

2018.08.07 | Staff

Presentation from ENG All Staff meeting

You can find the PowerPoint presentation from the ENG All Staff meeting in June on SharePoint.

2018.07.09 | Staff

RejsUd – the new travel expense management system replacing AURUS

On 21 August, Aarhus University will switch to a new travel expense management system, RejsUd. The new system can automatically calculate distances using Google Maps and can be accessed from both mobile phones and tablets. All unfinished travel expense claims in AURUS must as far as possible be processed before the summer holidays.

2018.07.05 | Staff

New associate professor in biological and chemical engineering

Selin Kara is a new associate professor in Biological and Chemical Engineering where she will be working with biocatalysis and bioprocessing.

2018.07.02 | Staff

GDPR service notice: How to delete emails automatically

You can configure folders in Outlook to delete mails automatically, so you can be sure you don’t save sensitive personal data longer than is legal.

2018.06.28 | Staff

Minutes on SharePoint

You can find the minutes from the latest meetings in the liaison committee and department forum on SharePoint.

2018.06.26 | Staff

Call for proposals for synergistic projects at Science and Technology

Synergy packages will be allocated to research collaboration in each of the three areas: general synergistic activities, collaboration with the business sector and public sector consultancy. Deadline for application is 15 August 2018.

2018.06.25 | Staff

Restructuring of the access system at NAVITAS

The access system at NAVITAS will be changed in the coming weeks. This means that some staff and students may loose their access to NAVITAS. If this happens, you must contact Michael Therkildsen or Dennis Udengaard.

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