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2018.03.16 | Staff

Teacher training course with international focus

AU’s compulsory teacher training course for assistant professors is now offered in a new format. From now on, there will be joint courses for Danish and international assistant professors in the autumn, and EDU IT will be a much more integrated part of the course. The aim is to strengthen the integration between young researchers across…

2018.03.15 | Staff

Scholarships at American excellence universities

Now you have the opportunity to apply for a visiting scholarship in 2018 and 2019 at MIT and selected research environments at Stanford and Berkeley.

2018.03.08 | Staff

Six new ‘underground’ projects at ST

Six new research projects, two at ENG, will been launched at ST after this year’s first funding round at the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre. The new projects all hold the potential to bring forward new knowledge, which enhance the existing research in the partnership.

2018.03.08 | Staff

Information on possible strike action at AU

It appears that the likelihood of a general strike is increasing –a strike which might apply to some employees at Aarhus University.

2018.03.08 | Staff

Registration for DHL relay race 2018 now open

Again this year, AU will be participating in the DHL Relay Race and registration is now open. Join your co-workers for an evening of outdoor fun. The registration deadline is 4 May 2018.

2018.03.02 | Staff

Join the Empower Talent! mentor programme

The mentor programme Empower Talent! provides you with an opportunity to receive or give feedback and expand your professional network. The programme matches members of academic staff at assistant professor level with more senior colleagues at associate professor or professor level. Sign up to become a mentor or mentee by 3 April 2018.

2018.03.01 | Staff

The Junior Researcher Development Programme

AU has launched a new Junior Researcher Platform that provides junior researchers at Aarhus University with information about the many resources and services available, including information on available courses and services to advance your professional development.

2018.02.26 | Staff

Gorm Bruun Andresen employed as associate professor

From 1 March 2018 Gorm Bruun Andresen is employed as associate professor in the Mechanical Engineering section at the Department of Engineering.

2018.02.26 | Staff

2018 salary negotiations starting soon

From 1-15 March, employees of Aarhus University can enter information for use in the 2018 salary negotiations.

2018.02.15 | Staff

Still using your old log in for Files and Print?

...then it is about time you start using the new one. During week 9 the IT department will close down the old domains DMU, DJF, NFIT and IHA. After that, you will only be able to access your personal network drive and printers using your standard username to the domain.

2018.02.13 | Staff

Reorganisation of ST Education

ST Education has decided that all of its staff members will work from Ny Munkegade in future.

2018.02.12 | Staff

New personalised study portal for all ST students

All students at Science and Technology can access their new personalised study portal at from 21 February. The new portal is an easy and simple way to find all relevant study information - with only one login.

2018.03.02 | Staff

Common norms for the recruitment of permanent members of academic staff at AU

Since autumn 2017, we have been engaged in a university-wide process of formulating norms for the recruitment of permanent members of academic staff. The senior management team has just approved seven norms which are the result of productive discussions in the academic councils and a number of consultations with the research and teaching…

2018.02.12 | Staff

Starting on Monday 12 February, the streets in the University Park will be bike-friendly

The City of Aarhus and AU want to make it safer to bike in the University Park. From now on, the streets in the University Park will be bike-friendly. While motor vehicles are still permitted on campus, drivers will have to slow down to accommodate cyclists.

2018.02.06 | Staff

Increase awareness of your research – join the Festival of Research

This year, Aarhus University will be opening its doors to the general public on Thursday 26 April from 14:00-18:00 in and around Stakladen, and the theme of the event is FASCINATING RESEARCH. This is an opportunity for you and your fellow researchers to present your work to a popular audience.

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