BrainNovation Events

ST Business Committee has granted DKK 200,000 for the planning and implementation of thematised business-related events in 2016.

2016.11.15 | Heidi Søndergaard

The  purpose is to strengthen cooperation with existing partners and establish new partnerships with businesses.

ST Business Committee has asked us to support the concept of "BrainNovation" when we hold conferences, etc. We call them "BrainNovation Events"! The CIGR conference that took place in late July was the first ENG BrainNovation Event to be supported with DKK 30,000.

Two ENG BrainNovation events are coming up and will take place before the end of 2016:

  • Machine Ground Interaction / Ole Balling
  • Light and Productivity Workshop /  Werner Osterhaus

DKK 200,000  are expected to be granted for BrainNovation events in 2017. You can apply for up to DKK 30,000  per BrainNovation event.


The Industrial Co-operation Committ, Peter H. Lykke

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