Evacuations – what to do

All staff members have a responsibility to ensure that evacuations in the event of fire etc. are executed immediately and calmly. Read more about your responsibility in the event of an evacuation.

2016.11.28 | Institut for Ingeniørvidenskab

As a general rule, all employees at Aarhus University should be able to assume a key role in the evacuation of the area normally occupied by that person, if the need for emergency evacuation arises.

In Navitas, an automatic warning system instructs people to leave the building.

At ENG’s other locations, evacuation takes place this way:

A marked stand is placed in each evacuation area containing this evacuation material:

  • a yellow emergency vest for the evacuation marshal.
  • an orange vest for the assembly point marshal
  • evacuation instructions

The yellow vest (the evacuation marshal)
The role of the evacuation marshal is to clear the area of people.

The orange vest (the assembly point marshal)
The role of the assembly point marshal is to receive the evacuees from the area at the designated assembly point outside the building.

Anybody can assume the role of evacuation marshal or assembly point marshal in the event of an emergency evacuation. The basic requirements for a successful evacuation are initiative and common sense.

Folders informing about evacuation will be distributed.

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