Reorganisation of ST Education

ST Education has decided that all of its staff members will work from Ny Munkegade in future.

2018.02.13 | Kim Kusk Mortensen

The cost reductions in the administration centre in the autumn have led to a reorganisation of ST Education.

A significant change is that all staff members from ST Education will be gathered at Ny Munkegade. The management team is focusing on operational reliability and good service. With all staff members gathered at Ny Munkegade, it will be possible to build stronger teams and to become more specialised. At the same time, it will be easier for us to cover for each other in case of illness or other absence.

For the Department of Engineering this change means that Maja Frank og Helene Bøgelund Christensen will be sitting at Ny Munkegade in future. They will, however, also be at Navitas and Katrinebjerg when needed. The study coordinators at Bioscience, Mathematics and Computer Science and the studies office at Aarhus School of Engineering will also move to Ny Munkegade.

The move to Ny Munkegade will be complete after Easter.

The dean, vice-dean and administrative centre manager all support this decision, and the heads of department have expressed their support. The background for making this reorganisation will be explained in more detail to the programme coordinators and directors of studies soon.

Kind regards,

Kim Kusk Mortensen

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