Green smiley for ENG

The Danish Working Environment Authority visited ENG at Navitas on 28 September 2016. The result was a green smiley for an approved working environment.

2016.10.04 | Morten Dam Rasmussen

Anja Torup Hansen and Jørgen Holm participated as employee representatives and Morten Dam Rasmussen participated as management representative. The visit went well and ENG has been awarded a green smiley on the DWEA website. The green smiley shows that ENG and ASE have no outstanding items with DWEA and is thus a sign to the world that we have a good working environment.

The green smiley is valid for five years unless we receive any notifications from the DWEA during this period. We can get a new green smiley if we ask for a new visit when the current green smiley is about to expire.

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