‘Fireball initiative’ 2017 and 2018

Application for grants to prepare applications and establish new research networks targeting Horizon 2020 multi-partner projects.

2016.12.02 | Maya Jepsen

Aarhus University’s Committee for Research and External Cooperation has allocated funds in 2017 and 2018 for a new ‘fireball initiative’. The aim is to support the preparation of applications and the establishment of new research networks targeting Horizon 2020 multi-partner projects. Particular priority is given to applications for Societal Challenges and Industrial Leadership programmes, as well as partnership projects. Excellent Science programmes can also be included, provided they are based on multi-partner applications (e.g. FET, Research Infrastructure and ITN-MSC).

They must involve ‘fireballs’ – people with a burning desire to make the necessary efforts to strengthen a subject area strategically and become a strong player at both a national and a European level, for example by participating in partnerships, strategic positioning, and the preparation of applications. Special priority will be given to the growth layer, and the use of funds must contribute to strengthening the international network of the ‘fireballs’. The ‘fireballs’ are also encouraged to seek opportunities for involving relevant Aarhus University researchers cutting across departments and faculties. The preparation of at least one high-quality application is a prerequisite.

Science and Technology has allocated DKK 0.8 million in 2017 and DKK 1 million in 2018. It is possible to apply for funding for one or two years, and up to DKK 165,000 per year. The funds can be used for network-generating activities such as meetings with relevant EU players, holding visibility events, and running costs in connection with these.

The selected ‘fireballs’ are encouraged to seek supplementary funding from EUopSTART, and to strengthen their EU involvement by becoming registered as EU evaluators, for example. All ‘fireballs’ will be asked to provide an annual status update and a report covering the use of the ‘fireball’ grant.

To apply for a ‘fireball’ grant, fill out the template below. Send your application via your head of department. The department’s prioritised applications must be forwarded to aboesen@au.dk by Tuesday 10 January 2017 at the latest. The applications will be processed and prioritised by a group under the ST Business Committee consisting of one vice-dean and two members of the Business Committee.

  • Template for applications
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