IT support and helpdesks

Helpdesks and onsite support will be limited in the coming month due to digital exams at ST.

2016.12.09 | Susan Askøe Lössl

In the next month or so, the IT department must allocate a significant amount of resources to digital exams. This means that local services will be limited during this period.

You will experience that there can be a note on the door to the helpdesk at Navitas and Katrinebjerg stating that the helpdesk is closed temporarily. You will be invited to call the IT support at 87154010 instead.

We also have to cancel onsite support during this period - probably in the week before Christmas and the first two weeks in January.

The onsite support is also cancelled between Christmas and New Year.

I hope for your understanding.

Kind regards,
Susan Askøe Lössl

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