Honorary doctoral degree in natural sciences and technology

On behalf of the ST Academic Council, we hereby call for nominations for the honorary doctoral degree in natural sciences and technology.

2016.11.10 | Heidi Søndergaard

The degree is appointed by Aarhus University and will be awarded as part of AU’s annual celebration in September. The faculty’s procedure has been slightly modified in that the Academic Council will be considering the nominations in order to recommend two candidates (one female and one male). In consultation with the Faculty Management Team, the dean will make the final decision and nominate to the rector.


Please send your nominations (short CV/list of publications and a nomination text that fits approx. 1 page) before 22 December 2016 at 15:00 o’clock to bsa@au.dk 

Please send a copy to head of department Thomas S. Toftegaard tst@eng.au.dk


The process 2016/2017 is outlined in the following:


7 Nov 2016

Call for nominations from departments and centres.
Format: short CV/list of publications and a nomination text that fits approx. 1 page  (preferably in English).

Deadline: 22 Dec 2016 at 15:00 o’clock.

17 Nov 2016

Meeting in ST Academic Council: announcement of the process. The Council’s task will be to consider the nominations in Jan 2017 and recommend candidates to the dean/Faculty Management Team.

3 Jan 2017

Nominations will be sent to the Academic Council for consideration.

(By 12 Jan 2017)

Additional candidates (only if necessary).

19 Jan 2017

Meeting in ST Academic Council: The Council selects candidates and forwards its recommendation to the Faculty Management Team via the dean (not later than 26 Jan).

2 Feb 2017

Meeting in the Faculty Management Team: Candidates selected by the Academic Council are considered for final decision. Two candidates must be nominated (1 female and 1 male).

Around 6 Feb 2017

Deadline for final nominations to rector.


List of honorary doctors at AU can be found here:



79466 / i31