Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD), Grand Solutions 2017

Vice-Dean Søren Keiding and external consultant Hans Jørgen Pedersen offer to give feedback on the part of the application relating to value creation – growth and employment on the 27-28 February 2017.

2017.01.23 | Ida Marie Gerdes

If you want to make use of the offer, please report back to Ida Marie Gerdes, with your preferred date and time no later than by 23 February 2017.

If you are offered assistance for the qualification, please do the following:

  • Complete your application as far as possible for the 27 or 28 February.
  • Prepare a short pitch of your project.
  • Bring two copies of your application to the feedback session.

The deadline for submitting applications to the Innovation Fund Denmark is 7 March.

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