Your Windows system may need to be updated

IT asks everyone with a Windows Vista, Windows XP or older version of Windows on either a personal machine or a lab machine to contact your local IT Support as soon as possible.

2017.05.17 | Institut for Ingeniørvidenskab

The local IT support will help you install a safety update, and assign the machine into AU's central tool for distribution of such updates.

This is an extraordinary effort to ensure the systems against the specific vulnerability discovered with the latest hacker attack, and is not a part of the process of securing old machines. It is therefore important that you contact your local support even though your machine should be replaced or moved.

The above also applies if you have Windows Server 2003 or earlier - for example on research equipment.

Time is an important factor, so please contact your local it-support no later than Thursday, 18.05.2017 at 4 pm.

On Friday IT will perform a scan for vulnerable systems, and it will subsequently be decided how these systems will be handled. Depending on the development in the area, it may be necessary to close the network access to the vulnerable systems.

Best regards

Ole Boulund Knudsen,
Head of Information Security, Aarhus University

79466 / i31