Finlandsgade 22

Finlandsgade 22. Photo: Jesper Rais, AU Foto.
Photo: Jesper Rais, AU Foto.

To and from Finlandsgade 22

How to get to Katrinebjerg
Finlandsgade 22
8200 Aarhus N
Building number 5125


Find the closest bus here

Parking and bike racks

Car parking
There are free parking spaces available around the Edison and Shannon buildings. It is also possible to park in Føtex´ car park at Åbogade or along Katrinebjergvej and Finlandsgade.

Bike racks
Bikes must be stored at the bike racks behind Edison and Shannon.

Access to the buildings

The main entrances to the buildings Edison, Shannon, Kahn and Nygaard follow the normal AU opening hours. The doors open at 7.30 in the morning and close at 16.00 in the afternoon. To access the buildings outside of the opening hours, you must use your keycard.

If you have questions concerning access to the buildings, please contact Emma Bonde Stanek

Key and keycard
You order a key and keycard by filling in the form nøglekvittering and emailing it to Emma Bonde Stanek.

The key and keycard must be returned to Emma Bonde Stanek when the employment is terminated.

Building service and maintenance

Regarding normal tasks (waste, technical installations, cleaning or similar), please send an email to For urgent matters, call this number: +45 8715 0539.

IT support

IT support
The IT support at Katrinebjerg is located in the Hopper building, Åbogade 34, room 028.

Usually, the opening hours are from 9.00-13.00. You can also send an email to the IT helpdesk at

Five HP A4 colour printers are placed in the Edison building. There are also a number of Xerox machines that can copy/print/scan.

The IT office delivers printing paper.

Canteen, coffee/tea and fruit

Canteens and catering
Please find more information under Catering and canteens.

Catering related to exams at the MSc in Engineering programmes is handled by the study coordinators.

You can find a hot drinks dispenser for employees in room 207 and in the kitchen across from room 301B. Tea bags can be found in the same places or in the Studies Service office.

Employees can borrow thermos in room 207 and mugs from the kitchens for meetings. The thermos must be returned to room 207 after the meeting, empty and cleaned.

Permanent staff at Finlandsgade 22 can pick up one piece of fruit daily. The fruit is available in the staff kitchen in the Edison building across from room 201B.

Office supplies, mail and cardboard

Office supplies
You can find office supplies for employees in the reception area room 104.

Mail and courier services
Pigeonholes for mail for employees who are located at Finlandsgade 22 permanently are located in the Edison building room 207. Only employees have access to the room.

Mail is handled and distributed daily by Emma Bonde Stanek.

A working table has been set up in room 127 where students can bind their projects. Here, you can also find a paper puncher and a binding machine.

Each employee is responsible for ensuring that cardboard from packages etc. is disposed of correctly. You have the following options when disposing of cardboard:

  • Throw the cardboard in the cardboard container at the end of the parking lot.
  • Small amounts of cardboard can be left in the bags for recyclable paper in rooms 207.
  • With large amounts of cardboard, you can leave it outside the room and send an email to  Emma Bonde Stanek, asking her to make sure that it is removed.

Recyclable paper
You must empty your box for recyclable paper in the printing in Edison rooms 207. Bags have been set up in these rooms for this purpose.


Controlling the light
Download the manual (Danish) on how to control the lighting in the rooms.

Nameplate for office doors
You must use this template for your office nameplate.

Sun shields
Instructions on how to control the sun shields can be downloaded here in both a Danish and English.

Safety and fire

It is important that everyone is aware of his or her own and others' safety. Always make sure to read the safety and user instructions before using any of the equipment.

The building is equipped with an acoustic warning system that will inform the users of the building of what to do in case of fire. The building is also equipped with a sprinkler system that will start fighting the fire automatically.

In the event of fire or accidents

  • Stop/contain the accident if you can do so without putting yourself at risk.
  • Call 112
  • Evacuate the area/building if necessary
  • Call the Aarhus University emergency phone number: 87 15 16 17
99576 / i31