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Guests are welcome at ENG. If you consider inviting a guest, you must make sure that your head of section has approved the stay and the guest must be able to finance the visit on his own without financial support from Aarhus University.

Please send an e-mail to Johanne Sejersen, Then she will contact the guest and take care of the formal part of the paper work.

Please send the following information:

  • Approval form the head of section
  • Name of the guest
  • Title (student or guest researcher)
  • In which period will the guest be visiting ENG
  • E-mail address of the guest
  • Home university of the guest
  • Where will the guest be staying? (department address)

If the guest needs a formal letter of invitation, please send it to Johanne Sejersen and she will ask Thomas S. Toftegaard to sign the letter. Please be aware that Thomas S. Toftegaard is the only person signing letters of invitation.



Azra Becic Brka

Secretariat Staff Member
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