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Holidays and sickness

Registration of holidays and illness
All absence due to illness, holidays, etc. must be registered in the department.

Absence due to illness, etc. must be registered in the department by sending an email to Also, in case of illness, you must send an email on the morning of your first day of illness to and to your closest leader. Do not forget to send an email to again when you are back to work.

Standard registration
At the beginning of each holiday year, all employees will have their earned holidays and special holidays standard registered. If you wish to use your holidays in other weeks than those standard registered, you must have it approved by your head of section. You must then send an email to with the approval from the head of section along with an indication of what dates you want changed.
Notice: You can only change future dates so any changes must be done before we get to the dates that you want to have changed.

  • 3 weeks in July/August (weeks 29, 30 and 31)
  • 1 week in October (week 42)
  • the days between Christmas and New Year
  • the days before Easter

The five days of special holiday are registered as "standard holidays" in week 7.

Care days
Care days must be spent before the end of the calendar year, otherwise they are lost.

Danish Public Holidays

  • Christmas (24, 25 and 26 December)
  • New Year’s Eve (31 December)
  • New Year (1 January)
  • Thursday and Friday before Easter and Monday after Easter
  • General Prayer Day (4th Friday after Easter)
  • Ascension Day (40 days after Easter)
  • Pentecost Monday (50 days after Easter)
  • Denmark’s Constitution Day (5 June)

Acces to buildings, IT support and canteens during the holidays
During July, week 42, Christmas, Easter and public holidays there is limited access to the buildings as well as to IT support and the canteens. So remember to bring your access card so you can get access to the buildings.

Christmas 2018

For the period 22 December 2018 – 1 January 2019, both days included.

  • Access to Navitas level 3 and 4, Hangøvej 2 and Finlandsgade 22 (Edison, Kahn, Codd, Turing and Shannon) only with keycard and pin code.
  • Post Nord will not deliver mail and parcels to Finlandsgade 22 and Hangøvej 2.
  • The internal mail service at AU will not collect or deliver mail at Navitas, Finlandsgade 22 and Hangøvej 2.
  • Local IT helpdesks are closed.
  • The café in the Nygaard building is closed.
  • The canteen at Navitas is closed, and will have limited selection in the days before Christmas and in week 1.
  • The canteen in Foulum will be closed.
  • There is no fruit for employees.
  • Cleaning will be minimal.
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