The Department of Engineering has six cars that may be used by the department staff for transportation when carrying out university tasks. The department can allow students to borrow the cars for study-related activities such as collecting data for a master's thesis, or if the student is assisting in a research project.

The department cars may not  be used for private errands or transport of private persons under any circumstances.

As a state institution Aarhus University is self-insured.

Who may use AU cars
Official cars may only be used by employees on official university business. However, the university may, in exceptional cases, grant permission to drive official cars to students who need to use a car in connection with study-related activities such as gathering material for theses or if they are assisting on research projects. External project partners and non-AU employees may not use the official AU cars under any circumstances.

If you have booked a car for transport between Aarhus and Foulum, please state the number of available seats and your phone number so that people can get in touch for vacant seats instead of booking another car for the same trip.

Specifically for students
Students can use the university cars only in exceptional cases for example when collecting material for the master's thesis project or if they are assisting on a research project and public or other transport is not available. Students can borrow the car within normal working hours (8:00-15:30).

Students are not covered by Aarhus University's insurance. We encourage students to take out a private health insurance.

Students must have a driving permission issued by the department, see "Driving permissions for students" below.

Driving permission for students

Students cannot book the cars themselves and must contact their supervisor instead who will make the reservation for them in Outlook. The supervisor will also make sure that the students get the car keys on the day they need to borrow the car.

Students must also obtain a separate driving permission that must be signed by both the student and the head of section/the secretariat.

The student must bring the signed driving permission and a print of the Outlook reservation to the secretariat when he/she picks up the keys for the car.


Driving abroad
If you plan to drive one of the department cars abroad, you must take out a third-party insurance before using the car. Contact at least 2 weeks prior to your planned trip.

As a driver of the department cars, it is your responsibly to make sure that you comply with the traffic rules. The driver of the car must pay for any speeding or parking tickets.

How to book a department car

The Department of Engineering has five cars. They can all be driven by employees with a standard driver's licence (category B). The cars are booked via Outlook:

  • Bil, Hangøvej, Fiat Ducato (BG71049)
  • Bil, Hangøvej, Skoda Octavia (AT35531)
  • Bil, Hangøvej, Nissan Qashqai (AZ27764)
  • Bil, Navitas, Nissan Qashqai (AZ27765)
  • ENG Foulum bil, Toyota (TU45206)
  • ENG Foulum bil, Opel Astra (TX38212)

If you want to book a car in Foulum, you must search for "Foulum Bil" in Outlook.

Booking a car
You book a car via your Outlook calendar. Choose/invite the car and select date and time. Under "Subject" you must write the name of the driver and his or her mobile phone number (you only need to add one driver even if there are more). Under "Location" you must indicate the purpose for using the car and destination. When you have booked the car, you will receive a confirmation in your inbox.

Remember to update your reservation in Outlook if there are any changes. 

Picking up the key and the log book

  • Hangøvej: The key must be picked up in the key locker next to room 009. Students must contact Jan Karsten Creutsberg, 27 78 28 51/ and make an appointment for picking up and returning the keys. The mileage log book is in the car.
  • Navitas: The key must be picked up in the pigeon hole in room 04.220. Students must contact and make an appointment for picking up and returning the key. The mileage log book is in the car.
  • Foulum: Contact Henrik Mortensen, 2266 8216, or Peter Storegård Nielsen, 4112 2946, They will hand out the key and log book.

Notice that the log book must ALWAYS be updated. Check that the number on the mileage recorder is registered correctly from the last trip.

Picking up the car

  • At Hangøvej, the car is parked in the parking lot next to the package delivery entrance. The parking space is marked with a sign.
  • At Navitas the car is parked in the underground parking Facility, level -2 in one of the parking spaces marked "ASE/ENG".
  • In Foulum, the cars are parked in the parking lot outside L30.

Returning the car, keys and log book
It is important that you return the car to its parking space at the agreed time.

If the tank is less than half full, you must refuel the car before returning it. When refuelling the car, you must use the fuel card in the folder. Put the receipts in the folder.

The fuel card may not be used for any other purposes than refuelling.

Cleaning the car
You must remove any trash and personal belongings from the car before returning it.

Faults with the car

Faults and imperfections with the car
Any faults and imperfections with the car must be reported when returning the car.

Roadside assistance

  • Skoda Octavia: Contact Skoda Vejhjælp, phone 70 20 70 78 and give them the registration number (see folder in the car)
  • Nissan Qashqai: Contact Sikkerhedspartner A/S, see further information in the folder in the car
  • Opel Astra, Toyota stationcar and Toyota Hi-Lux: Contact Falck. You can find contact information in the folder in the car.

Reporting damage

In case of damage to the car, you must fill in a damage report. You can find the damage report in the folder in the car. The damage report must be sent to

Car accidents
If the car cannot be driven from the scene:

  • Skoda Octavia: Contact Skoda Vejhjælp and transport the car to Skoda Aarhus, Grenåvej 347, 8240 Risskov, phone 87 41 85 00
  • Nissan Qashqai: Contact Sikkerhedspartner A/S and transport the car to the nearest garage
  • Opel Astra, Toyota stationcar and Toyota Hi-Lux: Contact Centerdrift Foulum, phone 20 84 16 22 or 40 80 82 25 where you will receive further instructions.

In case of a car accident, a damage report must be filled in and sent to You find the form in the folder in the car.

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