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Mail and courier services

Internal and External mail (Post Danmark)

Letters and parcels are stamped at a central location at the university. Place your letter/parcel on the external mail (ekstern post) shelf at the department’s letter boxes. Internal mail collects the mail and take it to the post office.

Registered packages (Denmark only)
A special form for registered packages must be filled in and attached it to the package. Please notice that there are special rules for the size of packages (for more information visit The package must be placed on the shelf for mail and you must attach a yellow post-it note marked ‘R’.

Registered letters and insured letters (værdibreve)
Receipts for registered letters are kept by Internal Mail. If you want to follow a registered letter all the way to the receiver, a number can be ordered from the Internal Mail Department which can be contacted at phone +45 8942 1078 or email

How to track a letter or parcel:

  1. Open (in Danish only)
  2. Under Find brev/pakke (Track and Trace), enter the number of the shipment (starts with RR or VV)

The information is normally available after 6–8 hours, but in special cases when dealing with small post offices, it takes up to 24 hrs.

It is not yet possible to track registered letters or insured letters sent abroad.

Courier services

Department of Engineering has an agreement with Damco to transport documents and parcels (including packages refrigerated with dry ice). Damco deals with various courier companies, and their choice of courier depends on the country of destination. But you can make your own choice by indicating this on the template below.

The procedure for sending by courier is as follows:

  1. Fill out this order form for shipment and forward it by e-mail ( to Damco A/S (Cargo Centervej 58, 7190 Billund, tel. +45 8931 6335). Please remember to state your name in this e-mail to make it easier for our accounting department to find the person responsible for paying for the shipment.

    E-mail for pick-up of the shipment must be sent to Damco no later than 14.00. If you are getting close to this time, you can contact Damco to confirm the shipment (tel. +45 8931 6266).
    Remember to write the name and address of the receiver and sender on the shipment and put a yellow Post-it® label on the package stating ‘Damco’. If you contact Damco by phone, you can agree to a later time for sending the shipment. In this case, you normally need to transport the shipment to the address of the courier company yourself.

    The above ordering letter is the same for all types of shipment.
  2. Place the documents/sample in an envelope or wrap the parcel and mark it with the name, full address and telephone number of the receiver and sender. In connection with parcels to countries outside the EU, please remember to enclose a proforma invoice with the contents and value of the parcel. And remember to e-mail this invoice to Damco together with the above ordering letter.

  3. When sending parcels with dry ice, please fill out the above-mentioned template (and tick off ‘express dry ice’/‘express-tøris’) and e-mail/fax it together with the invoice to Damco (
    Remember to write  and stick on the appropriate labels on (see above rules).
    When shipping with dry ice to the USA, we recommend that you send the parcel at the beginning of the week (best Monday) as the transit time is 2–3 business days.
    On the shipment, please attach the relevant label (see the rules above) which are located: Science Park: in the copy room on the shelf to the left, building 2, and "Biokæden": in Jørn Griis' office, building 1130, third floor. Also remember to write the name and phone number of the recipient on the parcel, as well as the weight of the dry ice,

  4. The envelope/parcel is then placed:
    Science Park: building 1 (1130), 1st floor, 2nd office on the left: to be placed on the table to the right.
    Biokæden: in Varemodtagelsen (parcel delivery room), room no. 311, building 1130.

    Please attach a yellow Post-it® sticker to the shipment stating ‘Damco’.

Shipments must be ready and ordered no later than 14.00.

Labels for dry ice shipments (click on the label and print)

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