Video conference

Video conference at ENG

If you are planning on hosting or participating in a video conference, we have equipment available in a number of rooms at different department addresses. Below you will find a list of rooms at different addresses that are equipped with video conference equipment:

  • Finlandsgade 22
    • Building 5125, room 110
  • Foulum (not ENG equipment but shared by all AU departments at the location) 
    • Building 8810, room 3074
    • Building 8814, room 3065
    • Building 8814, room 3075
  • Navitas
    • Building 3210, room 03.070
    • Building 3210, room 901 (mobile videolink that can be used in all meeting rooms at 3rd and 4th floor at Navitas)

Calls to and from videolink
AU has its own gatekeeper with the following address [building number][room number] This is AU's main number for video conference and external people/organisations calling AU must call this number to contact AU's video conference system. The main number must be followed by the unique equipment ID. All video conference equipment at AU have a unique ID made up of building number + room number. 

This means that:

  • if you are making an internal call at AU, you only need to dial "building number+room number", e.g. 5125110. You will then be connected if the equipment you are calling is turned on and not busy.
  • if you are calling an external number from AU, you must use the information provided to you by the person/organisation receiving your call, e.g. an IP address:
  • if an external person/organisation is calling you, they must dial "[building number][room number]".

Mobile videoconference equipment at Navitas

A mobile videolink for videoconferencing is now available at Navitas. This means you can hold a video conference in any of the meeting rooms on level 3 and 4.

  • 00.117 (01.078)
  • 03.039
  • 03.068
  • 03.080
  • 04.040
  • 04.081

If you wish to use the mobile videolink, you must first book it in outlook. Search for “Mobilt videolink, Navitas, ENG”. The videolink is located in room 04.220 and must be picked up and returned to this room before and after use.

A thorough “User’s Guide” is attached to the videolink along with a list of open pluginns for the network cable. You must use one of the listed pluginns for the equipment to work.

Please notice that the mobile videolink must not be removed from Navitas.

Booking the mobile videolink

  • Open your calendar in Outlook
  • Choose ”Open calendar” in the menu bar
  • Search for ”Mobilt videolink, Navitas, ENG”

Picking up and returning the videolink
The mobile videolink can be picked up in room 04.220. It must be returned to the same place in proper condition and with the cords rolled up.

110211 / i31