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Working environment

At Aarhus University, working environment and safety issues are handled by the different units in the working environment organisation. 

The current organisation consists of the following levels:

  • The main health and safety committee at Aarhus Universitet (HAMU)
  • Health and safety committees at main academic level (FAMU/AAMU)
  • Health and safety  committees at lower level and department level (LAMU)
  • Health and safety groups (AMG)

Working environment committee and groups at Department of Engineering
The local health and safety committee and groups are concerned with the working environment and safety at the department's localities. Below you can find a list of the different contact persons in the local working environment organisation.

To ensure that there is a health and safety representative at all of the department's locations, the health and safety committee has appointed a number of room responsibles who have the responsibility for the daily working environment in the designated rooms.

The responsibility for the working environment in the department is divided between the daily leader, the health and safety committee, the representatives and the room responsibles. You can get an overview of how the tasks are divided by following the link below.

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