Feedback on applications for Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD), Grand Solutions 2016.

The faculty offers feedback sessions for applicants invited to submit a Phase 2 application. You must sign up for the feedback session by sending an email to no later than by 1 July at 10.00.

28.06.2016 | Institut for Ingeniørvidenskab

The feedback will be given by Professor Søren Rud Keding (Vice Dean for Research) and external consultant Hans Jørgen Pedersen. We have reserved August 4 and 5 for feedback sessions. A session is 1 hour per applicant. You will make a short presentation/pitch (5 min.), Søren Rud Keiding and Hans Jørgen Pedersen read your application (20 min.) and you receive feedback (30 min.). Please bring a copy of your application to the meeting and prepare a short pitch of the project.

To make use of this offer: Please contact the faculty at no later than July 1 at 10.00 CET. Please state at what time on August 4 and 5 you will be able to participate.  

Applications must be submitted to IFD no later than 19:00 CET on Monday, August 15, 2016.



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