New Professor in the Civil and Architectural Engineering section

Prof. Christos Georgakis has joined the Department of Engineering on 1 April 2016. Christos is employed as a full professor and will be heading our research group on monitoring of structures in the Civil and Architectural Engineering section.

13.04.2016 | Søren Wandahl

Christos is an international expert in the field of structural monitoring and dynamics, and has a large international research network – among others with Stanford University. Christos’ research is related to monitoring and control. He has been focusing especially on cable bridges and wind turbines, and has experience in relevant topics such as wind load and structural response, operational modal analysis, icing of structures, FEM modelling, bridge design, etc.

Aside from his academic merits, Christos has industrial experience and has worked on projects such as design-check of T5 at Heathrow and the Millennium Bridge in London. Also, he designed the Tuned Liquid Dampers Array for the 102 metres tall European Court of Justice in Luxemburg.

Christos comes from a professorship at DTU, where he, very successfully, has lead a research project on wind-induced vibrations of bridge cables which was partially sponsored by Femern A/S.

His office will be at Navitas, room 05.157. Christos is currently travelling abroad, but you can meet him from 25 April and onwards.

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