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News E-mail 2016 - Week 44


This is the first department newsletter for ENG Staff as promised at the All Staff meeting before the autumn vacation. The newsletter will be sent to you by e-mail and you can always find the latest version in the archive at http://eng.medarbejdere.au.dk/. The newsletter contains an update on some of the latest department news within research, education, staff, vacant positions, events and others. If you have any information that you think could be relevant for the entire department, please send your input to eng@au.dk. We plan to make this a bi-weekly newsletter.

Information from Head of Department, TST

ENG Structural Changes
As you all know we have a site at Bygholm in Horsens, running various machine test facilities. 4 employees are testing equipment here, primarily related to agriculture. The setup we have is not sustainable neither with respect to maintaining or operating the site and we cannot continue these activities in the present set-up. We have tried to find another owner for the activities, but we have unfortunately not succeeded with this.

As the activities cannot continue in the long run within ENG, I have decided to close down our activities at Bygholm with effect from the end of 2017. This allows us to plan the process and implement this properly. The ENG liaison committee and the employees at Bygholm have been informed about this.

We will now initiate the process of closing down the activities in a way that is suitable for all.

Ongoing Personal Development Discussions (PDD’s)
NOTE: Remember the annual PDDs are mandatory for all staff members. There has been a wish from some of our staff (e.g. some of our technical administrative staff), not to have the annual PDD with the nearest line manager. We have agreed in LSU that this can be done, but it is a requirement that this is planned and agreed with the Section chair.

Research News

2016.10.14 | Danish researchers behind new cancer images
By combining two different scanning technologies, researchers have succeeded in creating completely new and detailed images of cancer tumours in mice. This could eventually pave the way for the development of more effective drugs.

2016.10.10 | Large grant for developing the electronics of the future
Aarhus University researchers are starting a major European research project this month. The aim is to develop new technology for the electronics of the future.

2016.10.06 | New research will provide Apple with renewable energy – when the wind is not blowing
Research collaboration between Apple and Aarhus University will help stabilise the supply of renewable energy to Apple’s new data centre. The research will benefit the entire biogas industry.

Educational News

2016.10.05 | Course information in Blackboard
To ensure that students can find relevant information at their course’s Blackboard page, ST Learning Lab has compiled a list of minimum information that must be present on a bachelor or larger master course’s Blackboard page.

2016.10.12  | Are your students innovative?
If so, the Dean’s Challenge – the innovative case competition – is something for them. The competition is open to all Science and Technology students with good, quirky or new solutions to global issues.

Staff and Culture

2016.10.25 | Build your network with Danes - Join Internationalize with Us!
Would you like to meet and get to know a Danish family? Make some Danish friends? Then sign up and join us at the start-up event on Thursday 3 November.

2016.10.19 | AU ElectionThis year, PhD students can vote for the PhD committee at ST.

2016.10.19 |Siemensfonden: Applications for scholarships
Siemensfonden supports all types of projects within natural sciences and special focus will be given to applications within electro technical disciplines. The application deadline is 23 November 2016.

2016.10.10  | ST must be better at Open Access
With an increased international focus on making research more accessible to everyone, Open Access is becoming relevant for more and more research environments. Science and Technology has plenty of room for improvement in this field. AU Library ST is ready with information and guidance.

Staff Recuitment


  • Simon Lind Kappel has been employed as a postdoc from 1 October 2016. Biomedical engineering.
  • Brigitte Kok Madsen who is employed in the ENG secretariat from 1 October 2016.
  • Jakub Kania who is a new Industrial PhD student from 1 October 2016, Civil and Architectural Engineering section).
  • Hanna Becker who is a new PhD student from 10 October 2016, Electrical and Computer Engineering section.
  • Domenico Zito who joins the Department of Engineering the 23 September 2016 as full professor within the Electrical and Computer Engineering section.
  • Mogens Odgaard Anderen who is a new colleague in the ENG secretariat from 20 September 2016.


  • Sebastian Steinhorst is leaving the Department of Engineering on 30 September 2016
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