2019.01.28 | Staff

Help us evaluate our Danish courses

Join our focus group and help influence the future Danish course offers at AU!

2019.01.28 | Staff

Cultural training: Living and Working in Denmark

How do Danes network and build relations at work and in their spare time? How deep is the value equality embedded in the Danish culture? And how does it influence the leadership style, meeting culture and the decision making style?

2019.01.25 | Staff

NOVA Open Call 2019

You can now apply for funding in the NOVA Open Call 2019.

2019.01.25 | Seminar

Guest lecture: Bridges in transportation infrastructure systems: From multi-hazard to management

Speaker: Dr. Cristoforo Demartino, College of Civil Engineering, Nanjing Tech University. Time: 5 Februar 2019 from 15:00 to 16:00, at Navitas.

2019.01.21 | PhD Students

NOVA PhD courses

NOVA offers PhD courses in a wide range of subject areas within the disciplines of life sciences.

2019.01.17 | Staff

Workplace Assessment (WPA) 2019: The WPA survey will begin in week 9

The WPA will take place here at the university in the period 25 February to 13 March. The WPA is about evaluating the work environment and your well-being at the workplace. When you complete the WPA questionnaire, you are contributing to taking the temperature of employee well-being at AU and helping to identify what aspects of our shared work…

2019.01.11 | Staff

Important: Change of Eduroam certificate

If you haven’t setup Eduroam on your computer since October 2017 you will need to setup Eduroam again and install the new certificate.