Reservation of resources

As a member of staff at the Department of Engineering, you can book/lend different resources, for example projectors, BroBizz and cars. Below, you can read more about how to loan/book/use the different resources of the institute.


The Department of Engineering has six cars that may be used by the department staff for transportation when carrying out university tasks. The department can allow students to borrow the cars for study-related activities such as collecting data for a master's thesis, or if the student is assisting in a research project.

The department cars may not  be used for private errands or transport of private persons under any circumstances.


The department has two BroBizzes that can be used to cross the Storebælt toll station without stopping. You can borrow these by contacting Ann Høgh Mikkelsen at Finlandsgade 22. There is also a BroBizz in each of the department's official cars.

When you use a BroBizz, you must send an email to the secretariat at with the following information:

  • your full name
  • when you have used the BroBizz
  • project and activity number for the expense settlement

If you have borrowed a BroBizz from Ann Høgh Mikkelsen, you must return it as soon as possible after your trip.

Room reservation

Booking meeting rooms
You book meeting rooms by

  • opening your calendar in Outlook
  • choose "Open calendar" in the menu
  • search for the relevant building number or name

You will then get a list of the meeting rooms in the chosen building.

Building numbers:

  • Edison = 5125
  • Foulum = 8210-L30 or 8212-L32 or 8814 (main building)
  • Gustav Wieds Vej = 3140 (pavilion 1), 3141 (pavilion 2) and 3142 (pavilion 3)
  • Hangøvej = 5250
  • Navitas = 3210
  • Åbogade 34 (Turing) =5341
  • Åbogade 40 = 5794
  • Canteen area in building 3141 = 3141-120 Frokoststue (write your name, phone number and purpose). Please notice that your reservation is not final until you receive a confirmation from Dorte Abildskov.

Booking classrooms

The Studies Office handle the booking of classrooms at Finlandsgade 22, Hangøvej and Navitas. If you need to book a classroom, you must send an email to

Before you send an email, you can check if the room that you want is available by following the link below.


It is possible to lend a projector. The projectors can only be booked by employees and students and only for study/research relevant purposes.

Please notice that the projector must not be removed from the department.

Lending - employees

Employees can lend a projector by booking it in Outlook. At Navitas it must be collected in room 04.220.

At Katrinebjerg, the projector can be collected in room 100 (Edison building).

Lending - students

Students must ask their supervisor or teacher to book the projector in Outlook.

Booking a projector

  • Open your calendar in Outlook
  • Choose "Open calendar" in the menu
  • Search for the relevant projector (see list below)

Gustav Wieds Vej:

  • Projektor, Gustav Wieds Vej, ENG


  • Projektor, Hangøvej, ENG


  • Projektor, Nygaard, NEC no 4-5
  • Projektor, Katrinebjerg, DSR nr 1


  • Projektor, Navitas ENG 1 (can be used in rooms with much natural light)
  • Projektor, Navitas ENG 2

Picking up and returning the projectors

  • The projectors at Navitas must be picked up at and returned to the mail room at Navitas (room 04.220).
  • The projectors at Katrinebjerg must be picked up at and returned to Ann Høgh Mikkelsen ( in room 100 at Finlandsgade 22.
  • The projector at Hangøvej must be picked up at and returned to room 220A.
  • The projector at Gustav Wieds Vej must be picked up at and returned to the storage room in room 2.15.

The projectors must be returned immediately after use.

Manual for projector

Videoconference equipment

If you are planning on hosting or participating in a video conference, we have equipment available in a number of rooms at different department addresses. Below you will find a list of rooms at different addresses that are equipped with video conference equipment:

Finlandsgade 22

  • Building 5125, room 110


(not ENG equipment but shared by all AU departments at the location) 

  • Building 8810, room 3074
  • Building 8814, room 3065
  • Building 8814, room 3075


  • Building 3210, room 03.070
  • Building 3210, room 901 (mobile videolink that can be used in all meeting rooms at 3rd and 4th floor at Navitas)

At Navitas, you also have the opportunity to borrow mobile videoconference equipment that can be used in all meeting rooms at Navitas.